Report: What’s Working Utah

What's Working UtahFrom the greatest to the least, every company makes mistakes in marketing, sometimes costly mistakes.  As marketing researchers, helping companies avoid mistakes and make good decisions pretty much sums up the purpose of our existence in this world.  Recently in an effort to stay true to this cause I channeled my inner boy scout and embarked on a “service project” of sorts.

For the past two years I have volunteered as a chapter officer for the Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association.  There are ten of us volunteers who manage this chapter of two-hundred or so marketing professionals.  Once a month the chapter meets to network and hear from selected speakers who are experts is various areas of marketing.  My job, as the chapter officer over marketing research, has been to work with the other officers to plan our monthly meetings and respond to any research requests.  However, the research requests have been fairly infrequent.  When I signed on two years ago, I was hoping for a steady flow of requests from people yearning for answers to the marketing world’s deepest secrets, but what I got was only an occasional satisfaction survey request.

Wanting to provide something of greater significance, I decided to undertake a research project that I thought would be of value to chapter members or, at the very least, help me feel like I was making more of a contribution.

Knowing that there were a lot of talented marketing professionals in the Utah AMA I decided to select a few and ask if I could interview them.  As a result I was able to spend about 45 to 60 minutes with twelve of the Utah AMA’s best and brightest simply asking what was working at their company in six key areas related to marketing:

1.  Social Media

2.  Search Marketing

3.  Traditional Advertising

4.  Branding

5.  Customer Retention

6.  Innovation

At the end of each interview I also asked each of them what they saw as emerging marketing trends for 2014 and beyond.  All interviewees were C level or VP level marketers at their respective companies and all were members of the Utah AMA or had some tie-in with the Utah AMA.

In the end, I was able to compile a collection of valuable and practical marketing “advice,” for lack of a better word, that I garnered from these one-on-one interviews.  Although the final report may not be chuck full of endless never before heard of insights (though I do believe there are a couple of those), it fulfills its purpose, which was to simply offer examples and  first-hand perspectives of a few solid marketing strategies that are working well at different organizations.  Of course, what works for one company may or may not necessarily work for another, but being aware of the tried and true can often lead to new ideas and enable the development of a framework or outline that can be built upon.

You can view and download the report here:  What’s Working Utah Marketing Report- 2013.  At 23 pages, it isn’t necessarily a quick read, but I’ve peppered it with enough highlighted quotes and pictures to make it fun and easy to flip through if all you have is a couple of minutes.  Enjoy!

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